久々に、On the Media ネタ。
Dot Triple X
トップレベルでドメインネームのエクステンションを管理しているのは、ご存じICANN(The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

ICANN was created by the U.S. Government and despite international representatives on its board, ICANN ultimately still answers to the U.S. Department of Commerce. But the Department has never used that authority until last month. That was when a five-year-old plan to generate a new domain name suddenly ignited new outrage, mostly from the Christian right. The new domain name was to be .XXX, designed specifically for Internet porn. After a deluge of six thousand letters, the Commerce Department stepped in to halt ICANN’s imminent passage of .XXX.

ぼくは、この10年ほど、Unicodeに関わってきて、ある種のPax Americana症候群をさんざん目の当たりにしてきたのだけれど、インターネットの世界にもPax Americana症候群あり、といったところ。ICANNよ、おまえもか。

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